Don't Hate, Collaborate

Around here, the unofficial theme of February is COLLABORATION. 

Here's why:

Running a business (or even working remotely) is very isolating, and you often find yourself struggling to solve problems on your own.  And being alone is downright scary.

I think that collaboration is the answer.  When you're sharing a task/event/project with another business owner, all of the sudden you're not alone!  You have someone to brainstorm with, to commiserate with, and you have access to their skills, knowledge, and network.  It's a win-win.

To be honest, one of my greatest weaknesses is a fear of asking for help.  Maybe it's because I've spent so long in the "helping professions" of social work, counseling, and assisting, but I'm much more comfortable in the position of the helper than the "helpee".   

So, I'm easing into it.  I'm collaborating with as many people as I can, on as many projects as I can.  It's amazingly fun, and I recommend it with my whole heart!

The best collaborations come about when you are working daily with a like-minded person (say, as a member of a coworking space *wink *wink), but I'm hoping to help forge some new collaborations inside and outside of Annex this month.

If you're free on February 19th, come to Don't Hate Collaborate where we'll be working, drinking coffee and connecting future collaborators.  I'd love to see you there!

don't hate collaborate.png