Pod Squad

We started a new thing around here. 

I am OBSESSED with podcasts (probably because I hate reading business books), and many of our members are too. 

So... I created Pod Squad.  Think book club, but instead of reading a book, we all listen to the same informative/inspirational podcast and then discuss it together over lunch.  Our first meet-up was a few weeks ago and it was such a blast!

We listened to one of my all-time favorites:  the How I Built This episode about Sara Blakely from Spanx (find it here). 

If you're feeling discouraged, clueless or unsure, click that link and give it a listen.  Sara had absolutely NO CLUE what she was doing, like many of us! She just took one step at a time, believed in her idea, and never gave up.  That's something we all can do with a little inspiration and support from others. 

From Sara, I learned that you don't have to be an expert to build something amazing.  You don't need a business degree, a rich uncle or a five year plan.  You just need to keep moving forward when things get tough.  

Remember that!

If you'd like to attend Pod Squad this month, we'd love to have you!  Space is limited to six people, so get your ticket via the link below.  Lunch from Zoe's is provided with your ticket purchase. 

laptops + flip flops.png

It's summer in south Texas, but we've still got deadlines to meet.  Grab your summer gear and meet us at Annex Coworking so we can all knock some items off our to-do lists.  

Our monthly coworking event is a chance for non-members to experience working at Annex and connect with like-minded women! We'll be hanging out from 12-4 pm, working, drinking coffee, and getting to know one another.  We'd love you to come, and a $7 ticket gets you in the door. As always, this event is free for Annex members!