I've been struck lately...

I've been struck lately by the insane diversity of the work we are all doing.  I've met multiple varieties of photographers, dieticians, social media managers, coaches, Facebook ad experts, data analysts, healers, merchants and creators of all kinds. 

It's so inspiring to see women taking their knowledge, passion, and experience and channeling it into a business or career that is making a difference.  You ladies are finding new angles and doing new things that have never been done before.

Whatever it is that YOU are doing, remember that it is significant.  Your. Work. Matters. It impacts the lives of the people and institutions around you.

If you're not sure how your work can fit in at Annex, I assure you, it will.  We've got women hosting huge classes, small workshops, and teaching, healing, and marketing their hearts out within our walls.  Your unique brand of business is very welcome here. Just reply to this email if you'd like to learn more about membership!

website wednesday.png

We're all working on big projects, so we may as well work on them together!  I've heard from so many women who are working on creating or editing their own website, that I thought we'd focus this month's coworking event on that topic.  Website strugglers unite.

Of course, you can work on anything at all during this event! Bring your to do list and get some things done!

Join us on May 29th for our Website Wednesday coworking event!

This is a chance for non-members to experience working at Annex and connect with like-minded women! We'll be hanging out from 12-4 pm, working, drinking coffee, and getting to know one another better.  We'd love you to come, and a $7 ticket gets you in the door.